The water system is currently managing to keep up with usage and flow rates.  Please continue to conserve water and PLEASE do not leave you taps dripping and if you are a full time resident please fix any dripping taps that you might have.  I know this does not sound like a big deal but everything helps. If you see an area that looks like it could be a leak please advise a board member ASAP.

The winter parking lot is full (it is really over full).  The boundaries were clearly marked and yet people moved the posts and parked anyway.  Those trailers parked beyond the original boundaries should be moved immediately.  They are obstructing the ability to plow snow by the winter gate.  If not moved the snow will have to be pushed very close or onto the trailers to facilitate plowing and winter access to the properties.

 Several of you have asked about the sign at Aspen Mountains shed regarding parking.  We know that some of you have parked there in the past, however the rules seem to have changed from previous years.  If you have question please contact Aspen Mountain at info@aspenmountain.org


Have a safe Happy Holiday Season and winter at Aspen Acres.

The Snow Gate is OPEN

​​​​​Welcome To Aspen Acres 
6821 Weber Canyon Road Oakley, Utah.