Just wanted to give you a quick update on the current water situation at Aspen Acres.  After searching for leaks within we believe that we may not have a leak.  What we have is a flow rate issue.  So what we have is more water going out than water going into our tanks. Right now our flow rate is less than what we normally get mid-winter.  If we do not get significant moisture soon we may have periodic water outage throughout the winter.

 Here is what we know and are doing:
1.       We are refilling the 50 thousand gallon tank….in four days we are only 50% full. 
2.       Water will be off for a couple of more days
3.       We had several cabins that left the taps dripping so as to not freeze them up early last week. 
4.       We need to conserve as much water as possible everyday
5.       We will be evaluating the spring collection box to assure the feeder lines and out flow pipes are open.

Thank you for help and understanding.  As more information becomes available we will let you know

The Snow Gate is OPEN

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