The Snow Gate is CLOSED

​​​​​Welcome To Aspen Acres 
6821 Weber Canyon Road Oakley, Utah.

As of you may know I have stepped down from Aspen Acres Board after 20 years. I would to thank all you who have helped to make Aspen Acres a great place to live.  I would the personally thank you for your personal help and support over the many years.  I am not going anywhere it was just time for a break.  Please feel free to stop by and visit when you at the Acres.  I met last evening with the new board to help them with a smooth transition to caring for the Acres.
Thanks Again
Bob Walker

New Board of Directors

Julie Cornwall-President    

Mike Zeltinger-Vice President

Neal Knights                         

Dave Clayton                        

Glen Wendel                        

Kelly Cunningham                

Pete Kearns                          

Appointed by the Board

Bev White-Secretary           

Luann lacey Treasure         

Annamarie Kearns             

Website and Facebook Manager

MEMBERSHIP DUES for 2019 will be $400 per lot again and are now payable.  Please send checks, payable to Aspen Acres Association, care of Bev White, Secretary, 2109 W. Jordan Villa Dr., West Jordan, UT 84088 (new address).  If you would like to pay in installments, please begin NOW so that they are paid in full by July 1st, when they become delinquent, which will result in keycards being deactivated with a fee of $5 per card to reactivate them; late fees of $25 per month will also accrue.