Important Notices
Please Check Back often

As you know winter is coming ...Fast... some of you will be closing your cabin/home up for the winter.  Last year we asked everyone to let us know if you had closed for the winter and turned of the water at Road or at the cabin.  We asked if you would be returning throughout the winter or would turn in the Spring.   This helps the HOA when we have to look for water leaks in the winter months. Also last year we found several stop and waste valves that were leaking ...if they are not off all the way the may leak.   Also please never leave your water running, we do not have the winter storage to support this kind of water loss.
I f you could email me the following information:
Lot number(s) 
The water is turned off
Will not turn on until Spring and Cabin has been Winterized
Will be at cabin full time 
Have winterized and will be to cabin periodically throughout the winter and where you are turning your off at(road house outside, in or under the house.  
Once this information is complete the HOA board will try to make it around to every lot to assure that we do not have leaks and hopefully will not have water issues this winter.
Thank  you for your assistance

Here are some winter parking rules:
Winter Parking Guidelines

1.         No long term trailers can be left in the parking lot.
Please try to park in some orderly fashion in order to allow plowing and maximum use of parking space
2.         Long term parking will be allowed only:

                        -North side of the Parking lot—please contact a board member

                                    (Further back on Tom Payne road)

-North of the Snow gate on Aspen Mountain Lot—Contact a board    member

-Large trailers are encouraged to park on the west side of the parking lot leaving the east end for cars and vehicles without trailers.

3.         All trailers MUST have information attached to them as to the Owner, Association Lot Number and Contact information.
 4.         ALL OTHER TRAILERS MUST BE REMOVED when you are not on the mountain.
5.         ATV’s, Snowmobiles and other recreational transportation equipment must be parked in designated areas.

                        -if you know you will not be returning for several weeks please;

                                    -Leave equipment on your property-OR-

                        -leave equipment north of the gate on Aspen Mountain property

                                    - Or- Park it on the Aspen Acres property on Seneca road

 6.         The Parking area CANNOT be used for winter storage of personal property.
 7.         Full Time resident; following  heavy snow and/or snow removal/cleanup of the parking area you will be asked to move ALL cars/trucks to the area just outside the main gate so that the parking area can be cleaned more efficiently and completely.
8.         Failure to follow the guidelines that we hope will make it easier for everyone to enjoy mountain, could result in having your vehicle and/or other person property impounded.

Anna Kearns  has help set this site up and will managing it as well.  She has made it private so those wishing to join must state who they are and which property they are part of. After confirmation, you will be allowed to join. 
 Go to Face book and search for "Friends of Aspen Acres"  then ask to join.
This site will be used to help owners find companies and individuals for construction and handyman assistance, share information, and another way to stayi informed.


Emergency Contact Numbers

Summit County Sheriff:  911

Non-Emergency:  435­-783-4356

Animal Control:  435­-615-3985

South Summit Fire Dept: 911
Business:  435­-783-5506

Rocky Mountain Power:


Please conserve water and thank you for your understanding and assistance.