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 July 3, 2018 1:34 PM

State Forester Issues Fire Restriction Order in Summit County

Coalville, UT (July 3, 2018) – The State Forester has issued a Fire Restriction Order in Summit County, restricting all open burns, including the use of all fireworks, cutting, grinding and welding. Cigarette smoking is also restricted, unless smoking takes place in an area clear of vegetation. Exceptions will be made for campfires burning in an improved fire pit, which includes any enclosure built in the ground. Fires are also allowed in pits purchased from hardware stores. Strictly prohibited are campfires in manmade rock rings. Firework shows with issued permits, such as those sponsored by cities and towns, will still be allowed.

The Fire Restriction Order, which went into effect Tuesday morning, will remain in place until further notice. The Order was issued after a new fire outlook report issued Monday indicated worsened conditions, resulting in increased fire risk, as well as current fire activity and resources committed. 

To learn more about what qualifies as an improved fire pit and how to protect your home from wildfire visit

$400 per lot 
payable now.
Please send checks to:
Aspen Acres Association 
% Bev White, Secretary
2109 W. Jordan Villa Dr
West Jordan, UT  84088 

If dues are not paid by July 1, 2018 they will be considered delinquent, which will result in key cards being deactivated with a fee of $5 per card to reactivate them. Late fees of $25 per month will also assessed 

Anna Kearns  has help set this site up and will managing it as well.  She has made it private so those wishing to join must state who they are and which property they are part of. After confirmation, you will be allowed to join. 
 Go to Face book and search for "Friends of Aspen Acres"  then ask to join.
This site will be used to help owners find companies and individuals for construction and handyman assistance, share information, and another way to stayi informed.

Burn pile in now open in the northwest corner of the winter parking lot


Emergency Contact Numbers

Summit County Sheriff:  911

Non-Emergency:  435­-783-4356

Animal Control:  435­-615-3985

South Summit Fire Dept: 911
Business:  435­-783-5506

Rocky Mountain Power:


Please conserve water and thank you for your understanding and assistance.